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Common Sewing Machine Malfunctions

Embroidery Sewing MachinesIs your bobbin wound properly?
The most common cause of the lower thread breaking is an improperly wound bobbin. It can also cause your needle to break, fabric to pucker or loops to form on the bottom of your fabric.

Here are a few quick tips for winding you bobbin
• Always start with an empty bobbin
• Never wind one color over another
• Don’t over fill the bobbin to the point that it’s tight or hard to insert into the bobbin case
• Wind your bobbin evenly and in level layers
• Never mix different sizes of threads in the bobbin and on the spool (unless for embroidery or specialty sewing.) Different weights for general sewing can cause ragged stitches and other problems.

Is your needle in right?
A bent or loose needle can cause many problems including needle and thread breakage, skipped stitches and cuts or holes in your fabric.

Is your machine threaded properly?
If your machine isn’t threaded properly, it can cause many stitching problems. Every machine has its own sequence for threading and it only takes one missed step to throw it off and cause your machine to skip stitches. The easiest thing to do is to take out the top thread and completely start the threading process over.

Often times it’s the simplest things that cause your sewing machine to work improperly and the most frustration. Taking a few minutes before you start your project can save you a lot of time and headaches. But remember, if you can’t get your machine working, we’re here to help.

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